Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Personal health so far

I'm going to be honest and call the month of February a wash in terms of updates around here... I averaged about once a week which is really low (sorry!) There were a few updates to the site in general as I've started to get all my social media linked up (pinterest and instagram) and there's two new pages for you to explore.

Personally the month has been going great! Now that I'm settled into the routine of more clients (and crazy hard classes) I've been really focusing on both my physical and emotional/social health. Workouts didn't exactly follow the calender I gave you, but I did manage almost every day (!) and I'll be sharing my new favorite routines as we focus on physical health again next month. I've gotten back down to my healthy weight (the one where my pants fit) and I can see my abs showing again!

Check back tomorrow to see what I have planned for the month of March (I promise it's awesome!) and please let me know how your own journeys of personal health are going :)

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