Thursday, February 28, 2013

Food of the month

Last month was a little rough, but overall I am sticking to my goals for improving overall health this year. I've made regular workouts a part of my routine (which means you can start to see my abs again!) and starting to really get a handle on handling stress in personal life (until my parents decide to move again haha).

I decided to start March off with a little photo challenge (as I'm sure you've noticed I tend to do better with set guidelines for posting!). This month's theme is healthy eating, the next logical step to go with our healthy bodies and healthy minds, so I decided to do a food photo challenge.

Every day in the month of March (I promise, every single day!!) I will be posting pictures of my meals. I'll include recipes for the homemade goodies as well. Call me weird but I love to look at what other people are making/eating (one of the reasons I love the Food Network so much!) and I figure I can't be the only one :) So please feel free to join along either in the comments or on your own sites! I'm really excited about this month.

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