Friday, February 1, 2013

Choose your own adventure

Anybody remember the choose your own adventure books from our childhoods. They brought you to a certain point and then BAM! You were left to decide what happened next (and if it turned out horribly you could always go back and make a different choice). Well this month's workout is sort of like that...

I held your hand and made it really simple last month (though lets be honest that was for me as much as it was for you). Every week there was a new set of workouts to try, and though it was customized to fit into my tastes and schedule (i.e. zero cardio and Sunday's off) it was up here for anyone to join in.

This month we have a beautiful calender. As you can see it's still customized to my schedule (the gala event that has been one of my key motivators is on there, as is the one weekend I know the BF is coming in) and overall it's pretty simple. You may also notice that the calender has no links...

Down here we have all the calender categories with links to a variety of workouts fitting the category.  That's the choose your own adventure part :) There is a mix of lengths and difficulties within each topic so you can take the basic template I provided and really customize a plan that fits for you! You'll see a lot here from fitsugar, The daily Hiit, yogatic, and back on pointe (those are my go to sites because they fit with my goals and lifestyle). 

three (I'm doing extra reps of the moves that don't require equipment on this one)



Full Body



So that's the plan for this month, go crazy! Feel free to let me know what kind of adventure your workout takes you on :)

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