Saturday, January 5, 2013

Week in review

It's hard to believe that it's been almost a week since New Years already. I know I'm glad that I'm still on break or my body would be protesting this increase in exercise more loudly than it currently is... But I know as I move into next week and bring myself one step closer to making healthy living a reality a little tightness in the triceps will be worth it.

This was a bad week to try and cut out bad foods though, my friends and I went out quite a few times before real life takes us all back our separate ways and it seemed liked every night had a new temptation.

The good
~ We are starting to eat portions for dinner (my mom's plan) on top of healthier meals in general
~ Given the opportunity I am able to make good health choices, like ordering veggies instead of wings when we all went out to Buffalo Wild Wings( it helps that I can't order real wings there anyways). Or making these little beauties tonight for dinner instead of a frozen pizza (my family was eating non-GF homemade pizza.

The not-so-good
~The hot fudge sundae I got when we all went to sit and talk at steak'n'shake, or the large popcorn the BF and I split when we went to (finally!) see The Hobbit last night
~The homemade carmel corn we made this afternoon (which I then proceeded to eat about 7 servings of)

But you know what, everything I ate this week was delicious. And I made a conscious decision to eat every last bite (okay maybe not servings 5, 6, and 7 of the carmel corn... that stuff is seriously addictive!) But the moments spent with my friends and loved ones this week, even if they were all a little food-based, are more important to my overall health than a little bad food.

I made it clear that I am not going to let my quest for health turn me into one of those crazy women who obsess and measure out every single calorie. For starters that sounds waayy too time consuming for my everyday lifestyle (not to mention obsessively unhealthy). But more importantly that's not living! Being fully present in each moment of my life each day, even if it leave my triceps aching and my stomach full of movie theater popcorn, is the key to a healthy life.

But enough about me, no one has shared a resolution yet (I hope you haven't broken them all already?) Let me know how your first week of 2013 has been :)

At the very least be sure to check in on Monday for this weeks workout calander!

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