Monday, January 14, 2013

Staying strong

Happy Monday everyone (not so much? It's okay I feel you!) A bunch of girls in my class are planning to go workout after our first class today... of course I have to tutor tonight (and to be honest I think I would rater re-sit through this weekend seminar than get on an elliptical right now) so I will be continuing my at home workouts. But knowing that they are all going is enough of a push to get me to actually do something besides curl up when I get home at the end of this chilly Chicago day.

Last week was good I made 4/5 posted workouts (the BF came down for a day to hang out, and since he's now back at school for good while I'm up here for good.... lets just say a workout was not my top priority that day). But I'm really going to push my dedication this week since classes have started back up. I figure if I can make my health a priority in my schedule from the first week of the semester it will be harder to get myself off track when clinic starts and all hell breaks loose (or so we've been told!)

As I mentioned above (and I'm sure you've noticed if you've been following these calendars  I am not a huge fan of cardio. I'm not even a small fan.... I believe the only time it is appropriate to do anything that even resembles running is when you are being chased (but that's just me).  So if that's your thing this week's schedule probably won't help you again (sorry!).

However I have been really looking into a lot of the routines on BodyRock.TV, and I have tried to include similar style workouts (as well as a few of theirs) since the focus is on high intensity, whole body movements. That kind of dynamic routine where you get your heart rate up, even though it doesn't feel like cardio, is my personal comfort zone. Of course if you were really looking for something to help jump-start a weight loss there is no reason that you couldn't pair any of these routines with cardio work of your own to really feel the burn :)


(I'm really hoping to start improving my Yoga by working on my flexibility)
(this one is heavy on the planks which are good for your arms too!)




Sunday is my rest/recovery day for the week :)

Happy sweating everyone!

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