Monday, January 28, 2013

Highlights of the month

Happy Monday!

So I'm almost done with the first month of my whole health resolution, it's hard to believe February starts at the end of the week! This month I took the traditional New Year's resolution route really working to re-build my dedication to exercise as part of an overall improved healthy lifestyle.

These are some of my favorite workout routines I have featured here this month. You can find them, and others, archived on my Pinterest board under workouts that work (I only post things here if they are good enough to repeat).


arms and legs (this is a two-fer!)


(Burpee challenge)


50 seated V-twists



(plank heavy)


Butt :)
50 seated V-twists

I'm definitely starting to make exercise part of my routine again (and I'm hoping the results are enough to push me through the busy points of the semester!) But as I've said before that's only part of the equation. Now that I've started to get the physical under control I'm going to start to focus on another dimension of wellness for the next month.

But don't think that means thse workout calenders are going to stop! In fact if you do nothing else you should be sure to check back next week for a month-long calender of "choose-your-own-workout" adventures :)

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