Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy Hump Day

I'm just over two weeks into this whole healthy lifestyle deal. I'm sore and I'm tired. But I am staying strong, and getting stronger!

 Despite a less than stellar start to my semester (our secretary has been in and out a lot for shoulder surgery and it shows, nothing is organized!) and the icky grey weather we have been having around here I am doing my best to keep my motivation up. Making health a priority is as much of a mental battle as it is a physical one. After letting myself slack off or reason my way out of a workout for so many months it takes some serious work just to get back into a health conscious state of mind.

These are my top 3 motivators

1. Peer pressure- bad for things like drugs and alcohol, peer pressure is an excellent way to make healthier choices. Knowing that some of the girls in my program are hitting the gym before/after class gives me a push to get out of bed and work out on my own at home. I'm hoping to hit an occasional class with them too, because working out with friends is always more fun :)

2. Good music- a playlist tailored to whatever kind of workout I'm doing (some nice piano music for yoga or a dance beat for a high intensity circuit). P!nkEminemM.I.A. , and Beyonce are a few of my current go-to's. 

3. Goal setting- as I've said before the whole reason I am pushing my personal health to the forefront this year is because I want to be able to live my best life. That's a big goal, and while it's a very nice thought it's not always enough to get me going on a cold morning. Sometimes a little goal (like wanting to look fabulous in my dress at the gala event coming up at work) can hold a little more power. That doesn't mean I'm writing off my big goal, just breaking it down into smaller sub-goals to keep my motivation high. 

I'm sure I might need an even bigger push when the semester kicks into high gear and I find myself reasoning my way out of my responsibilities like I did this fall. So tell me, what keeps you going when you'd rather not?

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