Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Full Body Blitz

Hey guys! So as you may have noticed I'm running late with the calender this week, and looking down you can see we're actually starting on Tuesday and going through the weekend to make up for it :) It just so happened that we had Monday off class for MLK day... and BF had the day off from his internship... and today just happens to be our 4 year anniversary. Long story short I went down for a surprise visit, and we spent the weekend watching movies, watching hockey (I can know identify 11 distinct teams!!), eating, relaxing and just generally enjoying each others company.

He also got tickets to go see The Book of Mormon (!!) in a couple of months, which is just all kinds of wonderful. So all in all it was a truly wonderful weekend, and it was really hard to drag myself to the car and all the way back to school this morning.

Long weekend aside, now that I'm home its right back into the swing of things (that's the beauty of this general, overall health improvement thing; since I'm not trying to ridiculously control/ration my life I'm totally cool taking a few days off for fun and then jumping right back in. Seems healthier that way if you ask me!)

This week features a full body circuit of for every day of the week. I like full body workouts when time is at a premium because they give a good amount of bang for your buck.  These are all new for me, but I'm hoping to find some good ones.




(purely twins)

(Burpee challenge)


(do the whole playlist)

We've almost finished the first month (for anyone who's going at this with me) how are you feeling? I'm pumped for this week and I hope you're feeling the same! 

Be sure to check back tomorrow for some healthy recipes!

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