Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bulk shopping swag!

I have decided I love the bulk food store! Let me just say it again, this place is wonderful :) I stopped by last week to stock up on goodies for the start of the semester, and I forgot how many truly wonderful things can be found for oh so cheap!

If I was furnishing my own pantry, I would have been all over the assorted spices and herbs (it took all my will power as it was to stay away from the loose teas!) but I was there to make trail mix. 

Fruity, nutty,delicious trail mix was mine for the making with a seemingly infinite array of combinations. Of course my aim was to be as healthy as possible so I gravitated to the more natural options. I have one mix of dried cranberries (plain/unsweetened), almonds (for protein), pumpkin seeds (plain/unsalted) and m&m's (leftover from Christmas haha). The other mix is banana chips (baked, unsweetened), more dried cranberries, walnuts (for brain power!) and semi-sweet chocolate chips (because who doesn't love chocolate). 

I was able to make these two huge containers (with some walnuts leftover for breakfast, and some crystallized ginger for tea... I couldn't resist!) for $30. Considering nuts and dried fruit (with all those additives and flavorings) at the grocery store are $5-$10 a package.... I think I will be making this trip on a regular basis.

You all know my fondness for snacking in class, so I make sure to pack a baggie in my lunch each day. I also always keeps a jar sealed in my car for traffic and other emergencies, and as you can see I need to re-stock :)

Anyone else have any fun at a bulk store lately? What's in your ideal snack mix? 

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