Monday, January 7, 2013

Battling on

Last night my mom and I ended up watching The Biggest Loser on tv. This was the first time I have ever watched this show (yes I know it's been on forever) and I have to say "wow". Apparently this season they are trying to challenge America to tackle childhood obesity, and as someone hoping to spend a lot of time working with kids in the future I applaud them (and the 3 very brave kids they featured) for tackling this very private issue in such a public forum.

I was so intrigued with what I saw on the premier last night that I'm watching again as I sit here and type. There are some weight issues in my family, not nearly as extreme as these folks, but seeing these people pushing through their difficulties reinforced my own dedication to my health. I'm a little stiff from week one (and a little unmotivated by just how out of shape I have gotten) but I'm pushing through with a whole new calendar of workouts to try from my Pinterest board (the one's that make the cut will end up here).


50 weighted V-ups

Butt :)
Plank till exhaustion (~1 min 30 sec for me) x5

arms and legs (this is a two-fer!)

butt :)

We have a seminar all day on Friday and Saturday, and I work on Sunday, so I am planning to hit everything really well during the week so that I can feel okay taking it easier over the weekend when I know I am going to be tired :)

Quite a few of this weeks routines come from Back on Pointe, which is one of my favorite (recently discovered) sites for inspiration and quick easy workout, seriously check it out!

I am achy, but determined, to make it through this next week with my best effort. I hope you are doing just as well with your resolutions!

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