Friday, January 11, 2013

A new start calls for a new space

Today marked the official last day of my winter break (we had a seminar all day, and we get to go back tomorrow...) and it has gone by waaayy to fast for me. I feel like I barely had a chance to sit down, let alone actually relax...but at least I had a good time. The last project on my list for this years fresh start (before school picked up at least) was to refresh my space. Since I'm living in my old room at home still I didn't really have the freedom to repaint (or move either of the mirrors hanging on my wall) so the changes were more functional than cosmetic. The end result however is a space that is slightly more conducive to my goals of increased activity and productivity.

I started by moving everything into the middle of my floor...

And sticking the contents of my closet in the hallway. 

Then the furniture started to move (I counted this as my arm workout for the day!)

The end goal here was to maximize the usable floor space so I have no excuse for skipping workouts. I also wanted a more defined work space for all the homework/paperwork that the new semester entails. 

I'd say the end result was pretty successful :)

I maximized the usability of my closet with some of my favorite fabric shelf bins. 

By filling the bins with like items (like my tutoring materials for work) I have an easy to manage system that is also visually appealing. 

I even made sure I had a space set aside to display all the new tea I got for Christmas!

This project took me the better part of a day to complete, but I love the end result. If you are considering a room redo and aren't sure where to start I have a few basic principles that make the whole process easier. 

  1. Remove everything optional (bins from under your bed, decorative items, piles of laundry) from your space before you start. This makes it easier to purge unnecessary items from your space as you go and also lets you see the space for what it is before you move things. 
  2. Think about your goals before you place the big items. I knew I needed floor space to workout and a "desk" space for schoolwork. So when I moved the furniture I made sure the final placement of my large items (bed, dressers...) fit with my overall wants for the space. 
  3. Don't be afraid to think outside the box to suit your needs. I have all my school supplies stored in a jewelry organizer I wasn't using and my earrings/tea on display on my dresser. Using the items you have in a way that is functional for YOU is part of making the space your own. 

Most important is to remember to have fun, nothing you move around has to be permanent. If you decide you don't like where you put something you can always move it somewhere else :)


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