Tuesday, December 4, 2012

On the fourth day of Christmas...

Okay actually it's the fourth of December (21 days till Christmas!) and it's time for my first photos in the Christmas photo challenge...

Christmas tree lights are my favorite holiday lights, and our tree this year is no exception. Perfect to curl up next to with a book and a mug of hot chocolate in the evenings, the twinkling lights of the tree add a little magic to an otherwise ordinary moment.  If you look really close you can see my "Baby's first Christmas" ornament hanging out on the left side of the picture (the clear and pink rattle).

Christmas stockings are one of the first decorations we put out each year, and seeing mine hanging there never fails to make me smile. My brother and I have had ours since we were very little and they're still going strong :)

I'm always the first one to put gifts under the tree, I think Christmas is always better with a little anticipation! I'm a big fan of gift wrapping in general, but since most of my gifts are homemade this year I put in the effort to make them look extra special. 

Except for my brothers... his teeny, tiny gift is wrapped inside tissue, and bubble wrap and a second box inside this big one. It weighs almost nothing and hardly makes a noise when you shake it (I'm a wonderful big sister, no?)

My mom used to have a giant collection of snow globes. We would unpack them all onto our coffee table each year, winding them up to hear the different songs and shaking the snow onto everyone from Santa to snowmen. Many of the snow globes were gifts from my brother and I when we were much younger (and had very unique taste!). The collection has thinned over the years as some of them have bubbled or broken (or been donated, in the case of a select few really scary one's).  Despite the bubble in the top of this one, which has only gotten bigger with age, I had to salvage it because it's my favorite. I"ll use it to jump-start my own collection someday (when I finally move out!).

Happy December 4th! Check back next week for the next seven photos in the challenge  but feel free to leave a photo or a memory of your own in the meantime!

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