Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

I hope you all are spending a wonderful day with your family and friends from near and far. At my house the presents have been unwrapped, the breakfast (eggs and potatoes) have been eaten, and we're getting packed and ready to head to my Grandma's for a few days :)

This is the end of the photo challenge, I liked being forced to take pictures each day, so don't be too surprised if you see another one of these on here in the future

These guys have been in our family since I was little (we have a Mr. and a Mrs.). We used to put them up together, but for the past few years my brother and I have each kept one in our respective rooms for the holiday season.

The BF and I made some great memories on our Christmas trip this year, and we also had a wonderful time making cookies. We restarted (what I hope) will be a tradition for us for many years to come.

This guy has been in our family since 1983 (so longer than me!) but he is always one of the first ornaments I unpack to put on the tree each year. We broke him once in my childhood, but he glued back together nicely and he still rings.

These two were votes (by the BF and I) to be the two cutest cookies we created during our cookie making. And they were pretty darn tasty if I do say so myself!

This is my favorite picture from our Christmas trip downtown. I love the sparkle of the city lights behind us.

Christmas Eve
Family games are a staple at holiday parties with my dad's family. In the past we have done grab bags, white elephants, and holiday themed charades. We played a massive family game of catchphrase last night. There was lots of yelling (there had been lots of drinking prior to starting...) and lots of laughing.

My family knows me so well.... I definitely got a lot of tea this Christmas, at least enough to last me through the month of January :) I got loose tea, and a new tea mug. I got tea samplers and fancy boxes full. I even got a bath tea bag which I can't wait to enjoy after the holidays.

Overall it has been an excellent holiday season, I hope you have had the same. I've got a lot in the works for 2012, be sure to look for a preview of the new format later this week. 

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