Sunday, December 23, 2012

A new tradition?

Don't you love it when things don't work? Sorry for the delay on this post, when I came home on Friday my lovely laptop booted up with a critical error message... The lovely folks at Best Buy assure me it's all better now (we'll see if that's true...)

Anyways the BF and I continued our holiday tradition (we've done it two years in a row, that counts as a tradition right?) of Christmas in the city for just the two of us this week. We spent a beautiful night at The Wit hotel, went browsing through the Christkindlmarket, ice skating at Millennium park the whole nine yards. It's a nice little treat that gives us to relax and enjoy the season together before spending the holidays with our individual families.

This year we decided why not extend our pre-holiday time together with a little cookie making (totally his idea, I swear!). So we spent Friday baking and decorating a batch of GF sugar cookies.

We never did this when I was a kid, so I didn't quite know what to expect. The BF however, used to do it all the time with his Grandma and cousins so I was happy to defer to his childhood expertise.

The first thing we needed was a big old batch of cookies, I chose Annie Hall's Butter cookies, from Susan Branch with my dad's GF flour blend for our base. We made the dough Thursday and let it chill over night, which left it the perfect consistency on Friday morning.

Then it was time to prepare 8 different batches of Simple Sugar frosting (powdered sugar with a tablespoon or so of milk, stirred to the desired consistency) in all the necessary colors. Then we cranked up the Christmas tunes, laid out the wax paper and got busy :)

5 hours later we had quite a collection, candy canes, presents, snowflakes and snowmen.

We even made a cookie version of ourselves (aww!)

By the end of the day we split them up evenly and I left with two delicious plates of cookies for the upcoming  family festivities  Even better I left with the start of what I hope can become our shared holiday tradition for many years to come :)

Happy Christmas Eve, eve everyone! Best of luck with any last minute holiday shopping, baking or gift wrapping. Look back here for the final installment of the Christmas Photo challenge on December 25th!

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