Tuesday, December 18, 2012

7 days 'till Christmas

This is a bit of a long post (I have two weeks of photo challenge pictures to share with you) and for that I apologize. For all my organization I wasn't able to get last weeks photos up on time, the good news is I'm done with finals (which means I survived my first semester of Grad school!) so expect the posts to be a bit more timely for the next month :)

We have a set of these old fashioned stacking Santa's that we set out each year, the littlest one is my favorite.

This is my stocking I've had since childhood, I added the charm off a present a few years ago :)

We haven't had any snow in Chicago yet (which is a bit of a shocker), although it is in the forecast for the end of the week. For now we have our little Frosty sign putting the thought out there.

This little tree has been in our family as long as I can remember. I believe my Great Grandmother painted it for my mom (though I'm not positive). Regardless it's usually the first tree I decorate each year and it looks beautiful when it is all lit up.

This is my Aunt Mary's toffee recipe, that she has been making and gifting for years. My mom had never had much luck with it until this year... who knew a candy thermometer could make such a difference :)

We have a set of these stars, Peace, Joy and Love, hanging in our mirror under a tree branch. They're an excellent reminder of all we should keep in our hearts throughout the holiday season.

Okay I guess I'm cheating since this isn't actually a photo... it is however my favorite Christmas carol. And since we don't get Christmas carolers around here, and NOBODY wants to hear me sing this will have to do.

I've mentioned already that I am doing mostly handmade gifts this year. I found these beautiful little tree clips (from back when people used to put real candles on their Christmas trees) at a local antique store and incorporated them into the picture frame I made for someone special...

This birdcage-ish shaped board is a new addition to our entryway, but it makes a fabulous place to display all the festive Christmas cards we've received this year!

I mentioned last time how my mom collects snow-globes  this one happens to be filled with glitter which makes for extra sparkly "snowfall" when you shake it.


These aren't our original Polish snowman (i'm not sure what happened to that set actually...) we bought this replacement pair at a craft show a few years back. They are completely hand knit and feel as cozy as they look. They always get displayed in their own space, separate from the rest of the snowman collection.


My personal ornament collection is still rather small, this one was a gift years ago from a teacher I aided for and it is definitely one of my favorites (so much so that it's the holiday screen saver on my phone!)

We didn't put up a wreath this year... however we did arrange this beautiful jar of pinecones and ornaments which has some of the same natural beauty.

Again that whole grad school thing took a bit of a toll on my gift budget this year. But thank goodness for Pinterest where I was able to get ideas for just about everyone on my list. I wonder whose the lucky soon to be owner of this personalized coffee mug...

Christmas is in a week! What preparations do you still have left to do? The BF and I are baking cookies this week after our annual Christmas trip into the city :) Check back this weekend to see how they turn out!

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