Thursday, November 8, 2012

Why cupcakes can be good for you

So as I've told you all before I'm currently in graduate school. That alone typically takes a large chunk out of one's social life (or so I've heard). Add to that that I am commuting, to an excellent program, but on a campus designed largely for commuters and the situation looks even worse. Between clinic, homework, catching up on everyone's gossip for the day and coming home to (real) work it's hard to plan a night out on the town (especially when you know you have at least a 45 minute drive home to your bed at the end of it). 

That being said I decided that it was time to get off my parent's couch and start finding something to do with myself, at least on the local level. Which brings me to these... 

Those my friends are cupcakes. In fact they are some of the best cupcakes that you will probably ever eat if you are lucky enough to be able to try them. They are from Sweet Ali's the local gluten free bakery and they are absolutely to die for!

I mean come on, you can't tell me those don't look delicious. 

I promise I'm not sitting at home eating my feelings! I got those cupcakes last night when I went to the bakery for a little "pre-holiday" party. We got to sample some really awesome food, share a tips and tricks for surviving family parties without getting sick, and just spend a few hours hanging out with people who get "it" (which trust me, and if you have food allergies you know, can be hard to come by). Best of all for me it represented a chance to get out, meet some new people and just enjoy. 

I've put a lot of emphasis on here about physical wellness, eating right, exercising, coping with some of life's little hiccups. But it can be easy to lose sight of the other (less obvious) dimensions of wellness. Getting out for a few hours last night was a real eye opener for me at how much (without the easy access to friends, classmates and my BF that I am used to from college) I have been neglecting my social well being. 

So tonight when my aunt called to invite me to see my cousin's high school play I said yes. It was a really cute show, my cousin was fabulous, and I was able to avoid another night on the couch watching re-runs on the food network while laminating materials (which is good because we're supposed to be cancelling our cable here soon, so I really need to break that habit!). 

Keep your eye's posted for more new and exciting things around here as I continue to explore the world outside my parent's house and continue to try new (maybe exciting?) things around me. And hey if that fails.... at least I have cupcakes :)

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