Friday, November 16, 2012

5 Things I learned this week

So this has been quite a week, I'm now another year older and in the spirit of being a little wiser (or at least a little more contemplative) I've decided to share with you five things that I have learned over the course of the week.


Given the choice between working productively on a project for school, and redecorating/reorganizing my room for the umpteenth time, I will always choose to reorganize. Seriously I buy small bins and file folders like some girls by shoes...

But seriously, I know have space to organize all my existing (and non-existent) therapy materials for the next few years, an excellent start to my portfolio due by the time I graduate, and an eight page project due in a week that I have yet to really start... My sense of priority seems slightly misguided.


Left to my own devices I will actually eat an entire angel food cake, from my favorites at Sweet Ali's in a matter of three days (and that was with some serious self control).

(This is why when I grow up I can't keep sweets in the house!)


Comparatively 8 minute abs seems like the easier option than the P90x ab ripper (I mean come on even the name is friendlier, and that P90x guy is a real piece of work). 

However after several weeks rotating back and forth between the two I have reached the conclusion that 8 minute abs is the way to go. Sure I can barely make it through the entire P90x sequence without shaking all over, but I never feel as sore the next day as I do with my "gang" from 8 minute abs. 

Try for yourself and tell me I'm not wrong :)

(Yes I realize that this is just three people going along with the video, and that you have to click for the second part, but trust me [I did just eat an entire angel food cake!] you'll be glad for that 30 second break by the end of this first part of the routine!)


I can actually be pretty crafty sometimes....

I saw some of these with my mom this weekend while out shopping for my birthday. I liked the idea for displaying all my earrings, but figured I could DIY it for a lot less than retail. Turns out I was right!


Daddies will never disappoint you, no matter how old you get. And if you're feeling sad and want to drown your feelings in frozen yogurt (Cocomero in particular) they will drive you downtown to get some, even it it's only like 30* outside.

Then they pay for said frozen yogurt, give you a hug and let you watch a movie with them and everything in your life feels that much better.

So hug your dad, work your core and bring out your crafty side, the weekend's just begun and there's more out there to do :)

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