Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Work it out

Welcome to the first edition of workout Wednesday's (I'm hoping I can stay on my current exercise streak and make this a weekly thing).  Now for those of you who know me yo know that even a few days of regular exercise is impressive, I worked at a gym all through college but it was a rare sight to see me there out of uniform. It's not that I have anything against being active, I love dance, Zumba, yoga and even the occasional strength training class, but as soon as my life gets hectic exercise is the first thing I cut.

I'm trying to break that habit, here and now by starting with small, regular workouts that hopefully I am able to maintain over time. This week has been all about experimentation, finding things that I like so I can start to incorporate them into my regular routine.

Pinterest has been instrumental in helping me get started, it's hard to look at those beautiful, sweaty, people and not feel some motivation.  This week I have done one leg, one ab, and one all over workout, followed by a series of poses for the corresponding body area from (this used to be but they've changed names). The yoga has been my favorite part so far, it feels awesome to be doing it more regularly and I had forgotten just how soothing Esther's voice is :)

The best thing is none of these have taken any real time out of my day, I get up, go turn the kettle on low, and by the time it has boiled I'm already done. It's a simple routine that is serving me well so far (I'm also going to a wedding this weekend so I do have a little extra motivation). But for anyone out there who wants to get their body back in the swing of things and feels that they just don't have the time I urge you to look for space in your day that is usually downtime (even the commercial breaks in your favorite show!).

I'm only three days in and I am loving the feeling, I promise that if you give yourself a chance you won't regret it.

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