Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tea and good thoughts

I've been trying something new recently, inspired largely by pintrest as well as my own failure at being a regular journal user every year (even when I buy the pretty ones!).

The premise is simple, place the date at the top of 365 individual note-cards and then at the end of each day fill in something that happened (about a line's worth) and date it. At the end of the year you have a wonderful collection of short little memories, and since you only fill up a line per year you can fit several years worth on a single package of note-cards. I decided to start this up at the start of the school year mostly because note-cards are one of the cheapest supplies in the back to school section! But honestly, since I am always looking for better ways to document my life it seemed to be worth trying, and now seemed as good a time as any (plus once you get through a year it's hard to tell when you started originally). 

So I now have 365 days worth of note-cards in my pretty recycled box ( I figured if I predated all the note-cards I was more likely to stick with the project since I hate to see good materials go to waste). I've been at it for about two weeks now and I've already altered the idea slightly. 

Instead of filling in a short note every night (let's be honest by the end of the day I'm just too tired!) I've been sitting down with a weeks worth of cards at a time, making myself a nice cup of tea and going from there. Anyone who knows me can tell you I like my tea, so it's a good incentive to sit down with :)

Isn't this mug awesome by the way? My little brother brought it back for me from Germany (apparently the town he was staying in had a thing for cows). 

 Anyways, by making a little ritual out of it I've managed to stick with this project for 2/12 weeks so far (which is a record for me). It also gives me a moment to reflect on the week and be grateful of all the good that has come into my life. In our crazy, hectic, world it's nice to set aside 10 minutes for myself to relax and embrace the little things. And who know's in a few years those little things could add up to something really big!

What do you do to give yourself a break at the end of the week?

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