Monday, September 3, 2012

Nothing says party like....

Yesterday dawned grey and rainy, but fortunately all that business cleared up by the afternoon, just in time for our end-of-the-summer/very-belated-graduation party! The afternoon was a combination of food, family and good old-fashioned fun. My dad manned the grill, firing up hamburgers and spicy Italian sausages for everyone, while my mom chopped, sliced and assembled everything from strawberry-pretzel salad and fresh fruit to veggies with dip and bruschetta. There was more than enough food to keep everyone happy even before we reached the best part of the night (and I'm not just talking about my aunt's antics).

After a rousing round of Pictionary (where my team dominated, just saying) and an excellent laugh over my aunt sharing her favorite ghetto saying with us (it's "junk in the trunk", in case you were wondering) it was time to cut into this beauty of a cake.

Now for those of you who can eat cake anytime you come across it this may not seem that exciting, but this was a Sarah-friendly (aka Gluten Free) cake from the best GF bakery ever Sweet Ali's. It's conveniently located a short drive from my house, lucky for me or I would never have any treats for myself on those days I just don't feel like baking!

Normally I am a huge fan of their cupcakes, and I just get one of my own to bring along as a treat at family parties, but this was my party and meant that for once there was a cake big enough for me to share the GF love. This cake was ten round inches of triple layer, cream cheese frosted, red velvet goodness enough convince anyone that there is nothing lacking with gluten free eating. 

And even better we overestimated the size we needed so I have about half a cake to snack on over the course of the week :)

Feel free to leave me a note with your favorite ghetto saying ;-) and enjoy the last bit of this lovely long weekend. 

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