Thursday, September 13, 2012

More and more materials

As if graduate school wasn't difficult enough in terms of material covered, my program in particular comes with it's own built in procrastination technique... material development. Our clinic officially opened yesterday (I know Wednesday seems like a weird day, it has something to do with Thanksgiving in a few months) and I feel like all anyone around me has been doing is cutting, pasting, laminating and trying to outwit the other girls for the last /s/ bingo game in the supply room. My clients don't even start until next week and I already have the materials bug (and it's bad!). 

Surprised by the lack of childhood books I was able to find in our basement (somehow the boxes are mislabeled) and overwhelmed by the options in my local library I went to my aunt's house this evening for a little inspiration. She's a preschool teacher and the well respected child activity expert in our family and since both my clients are in the younger age range this semester I knew she would be able to help. I already have my lessons for next week planned, but I was looking for a little inspiration for future sessions (and she has a really big paper cutter that I wanted to use). 

Besides getting all my pictures and note cards cut for my first week of articulation flash cards, and just enjoying the amount of materials available to borrow I also left with a few presents :) 

My aunt had duplicates of some of my favorite children's books that she's letting me borrow, such as Pretzel and Caps for Sale.

And my uncle had a baby laminator that he doesn't use anymore, so who know's I may go laminating crazy this weekend like everyone else in my class. 

I'd say overall though that my materials are coming together very nicely (and I'm done with my lesson plans to boot!)

 Here's hoping that everything goes well next week, look back for more detailed material development over the semester on Therapy Thursday's, especially because by next week I'll have  had a chance to meet my clients. Wish me luck :)

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