Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Laughter counts as an ab workout....

Welcome back to another week of workout Wednesday's! Problem is that this week happens to run into the premiers of both The Middle and Modern Family. I don't usually make time in my schedule specifically for TV (Monday's are the exception!) but it has been a rough week already and I could use a few laughs to blow off steam. As much as I would like to count belly laughs as a workout and leave it at that all those migraines last week really derailed my streak so I've been trying to really get my workouts back on track.

Enter the commercial length workout, perfect for someone like me who is still trying to make small changes that incorporate more fitness into my life, this is a short series of activities and yoga poses that can be done in sequence over the course of a commercial break. Repeat at every commercial and by the time your show is over you've done a full set :)

Since I've been doing a lot of yoga postures that focus on legs lately (this is another good one) I decided to focus on arms and core tonight. Hold each pose (or do each activity) for the duration of a single commercial unless otherwise noted, and repeat throughout the course of the show to complete the set.

Side crunches (do one side for one commercial and then switch for the second one)
Downward Dog into cobra pose
Push-ups (regular or modified)
Regular crunches
Plank again

That's it, simple, effective and perfectly sized to fit in the commercial breaks between most shows. And let's face it most of the time Modern Family makes me laugh hard enough that it has to count as some sort of ab workout :)

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