Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Headaches and cutouts

Hey everyone I'm back, remember me? Sorry to completely disappear like that last week but I swear it was one headache after another (I'm a migraner for those of you who don't know) and I barely had enough good hours to get my real work done, let alone think about posting here :(

Good news is I seem to be feeling much better, at least temporarily, and that means I brought along a quick quick little post (even though it's Tuesday!).

Besides apologizing for dropping off the grid (and offering a quick shout-out to how AMAZING Bones was last night! okay out of my system I promise) I decided that today would be a push for having a craft bin. No matter how cramped your space is, and trust me storage is at a premium in my room, a craft bin is essential in the life of anyone who is prone to spurts of creativity and DIYing.

Case in point I have had a lot of Birthday's recently in my circle of friends, and I like to send homemade cards (especially to those I don't see as often) to make the whole note more personal. This would be a lot harder to accomplish if I didn't keep my craft bin well stocked.  

I keep stacks of pretty paper, old cards and gift tags with really neat graphics (after I save the side with the note for myself of course!), stickers, ribbon, glitter/glue. You know all the stuff we stopped needing to have on hand back in like middle school, now I get to keep it on hand because I like it!

You never know what pieces are going to come together for a particular person that day, which is why it's  nice to have options. My mom calls me a hoarder for hanging onto scraps like this, but I figure if it fits in its little box neatly under my bed it can't be too much of a problem :)

When you send a card don't forget to decorate the envelope too (within mailing guidelines)!

That's it for today, but feel free to shout back, what's the best thing you've ever gotten in the mail?

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