Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Let's get down to business

I started my master's program in Chicago  this Monday (the same day I had  planned on starting posts here, but real life is getting in the way already). By Tuesday they were having us provide creative/professional writing samples for our personal files. Now my BF and I watched Mulan my FAVORITE (okay top 3 for sure!) Disney movie this past weekend and so it was stuck in my head, in more detail than I should probably be comfortable admitting.  When prompted to describe our opinion on the 'intersection between art and science as it applies to the field of speech language pathology' my mind naturally jumped right into Mulan's most epic musical number as the base for my piece.

Discipline. Strength. Art. Science. Totally the same thing right? Of course from there I went in to talk about the importance of evidence based practice and making informed decisions when it comes to treatment, but I think my introduction provided a firm view of how I approach my life and my therapy. If it isn't personal and it isn't fun, it probably isn't worth doing. (Side note, I bet this writing sample absolutely cemented me as a clinician fit to work primarily with children in the eyes of my supervisor. And I am 100% okay with that).

That's how I plan  to approach this blog as well. I don't want to be limited to writing a food blog or post after post of DIY tutorials because that isn't how I live my life. Like me this is a space that is going to be multi-dimensional (okay maybe a little eclectic), because at the end of the day I am doing this for fun. 

So welcome to my little slice of crazy, thoughts and comments are optional (though welcome), Disney music is not :)

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